The #iamabroadcaster delegate book – online now

AIB #iamabroadcaster delegate book Find out all about the AIB's #iamabroadcaster conference, held in London on 18 and 19 February, in the delegate book all participants received. Delegates travelled from across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America to join the convers.... Read More

AIB’s #iamabroadcaster Summit goes global

IMG_6640500width In February, AIB, the Association for International Broadcasting, hosted its first #iamabroadcaster Global Media Summit. The two-day-long conference, held at London's Royal Institute of British Architects, was a global event, featuring speakers, pa.... Read More

Partnering with AIB

AIB Join Us Animation Partnering with the AIB allows organisations to promote their services to over 26,000 people in the global media industry in over 160 countries, to be associated with the best of international factual broadcasting at our annual awards and to suppo.... Read More

AIB is the global knowledge network for the international broadcasting industry - cross-media, cross-border and cross-cultural

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Gilat partners with Intelsat to enable rapid deployment and high quality 2G/3G cellular connectivity to underserved regions of the world

Gilat’s CellEdge small-cell-over-satellite solution combined with Intelsat’s fully integrated, end-to-end satellite solutions deliver rural cellular...

BBC launches flagship Make it Digital initiative

Major initiative will give a coding device to every child in year 7 across the UK, 1 million devices in total; create up to 5,000 digital trainees; partner...

Reuters-TIMA team-up brings Oscars to the world

Even before the public unveiling of their new locations services partnership, Reuters and TIMA were planning their live facilities provision for the 87th...

Euronews boosts its presence in India on cable and mobile devices

The international news channel is now available via cable to 1.1 million Indian homes in Delhi and its region. Broadcast in luxury hotels* in India since...

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