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The winner of our short feature award is CNN for its
report Damascus Undercover: Daraya. The CNN
team was the first to operate in Damascus without
government approval and one of the first to operate in
Syria as a whole without a Free Syrian Army escort.
The reporter had to remain anonymous and all the
voices on the feature were altered to protect their
safety. The report captured the unfolding
humanitarian disaster after Syrian forces cut off
electricity and water to the town’s only hospital.
Our judges noted the high risks undertaken that
they said were justified by the pictures and stories
that were brought to the world. Insightful reporting
made this a moving and gripping report and was
clearly told.
Highly commended
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
At Afghan Brickworks, Family Trapped in Cycle
of Debt
The life of Zabit Khan, his wife and nine children is
one of hell. 20 years ago, he borrowed money to pay
for medical expenses. Since then, he’s worked for the
lender, the owner of the local brick kiln. He’s never
managed to repay the cash and now he and his family
have to work constantly at the brickworks to pay off
the debt. This is a tragic story, sensitively told and
utterly compelling, said our judges.
RT Channel
The human toll of American drones in Pakistan
In Waziristan, RT’s Lucy Kafanov meets people
affected by US drone attacks - something they
describe as “death in the skies”. Horrific injuries are
inflicted on innocents as Taliban fighters are sought
by the US army. Upsetting, yet honest and direct,
noted our judges.
The AIBs search every year for the most innovative,
engaging coverage of live sports. Our judges want to see
not just the match or game, but exciting, interesting and
compelling build-ups.
This year’s winner is Nine Network for its coverage
of the Boxing Day Test 2012, in which Australia beat Sri
Lanka. Nine’s broadcast included a range of new
technological developments that took viewers closer to
the wicket than ever before.
Combined with the technology were solid
presentational techniques. And a 77-year old former
Australia captain stole the show; Bill Lawry’s three
minute address during the Test was replayed on
competing channels many times.
Judges were impressed with the use of the
spidercam taking viewers “up close and personal” to
the action, and Nine Network’s production values that
captured the attention of the audience. Also noted were
the strong 2D and 3D graphics analytics.
Highly commended
Dubai World Cup
It’s the world’s richest horserace, played out on the
Meydan racetrack in Dubai, and Sunset+Vine
produced the Host Broadcast International feed with
five hours of output leading up to the two-minute
celebration of horsepower.
The judges liked the behind the scenes look into the
jockeys’ dressing rooms, great commentary, stunning
graphics and a first-rate title sequence. Outstanding
editing and slo-mo shots were also highlighted by the
Short feature
Live sport coverage
Nine Network
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